Sailor Guardian - Venus

Sailor Guardian - Venus

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Are you code named Sailor V? You will transform into the Sailor Senshi of justice and beauty in this elaborate Sailor Venus costume! Defeat the forces of evil with your Love Chain and Crescent Beam!

For the every day magical girls who are champions of love and light.

  • First photo digitally edited to represent colours

    Final will have a satin front bow.

  • Made of spandex, cotton twill, and satin

  • Stretches to fit. No closure in dress

  • This costume includes: Dress with pleated skirt and sailor collar, Glove tops, Detachable front and back bows, Choker

    (Does not include: Broach, Moon on Choker, Gloves)

  • SKIRT LENGTH (from waist to hem): 14”

  • PRODUCTION TIME: 3-6 weeks

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