Aridia Nicolucci - Owner of Ridi Kitty Design

Aridia Nicolucci - Owner of Ridi Kitty Design

Our Story

Ridi Kitty Costumes & Design creates high quality costumes to make you stand out from the crowd. We focus on details, fabrics and techniques to help our costumes truly look fantastical. All of our costumes are designed and hand-made in Ontario, Canada.

Ridi Kitty was founded by Aridia Nicolucci to create higher-end costumes for geeks like her. She wanted to offer costumes that truly transformed the wearer, and brought the character from 2D to real life.

Aridia has been involved in costuming and fashion for over 15 years, creating hundreds of costumes during that time. She is formally trained and holds an Advanced Diploma in Fashion Arts.

Aridia is also interested in Gothic Lolita, and Steampunk fashion and has presented several collections at fashion shows in Canada and the USA.